Watch This Video Till The End And I Guarantee You Will Like It Just As All These Other Parents Have!

Sarah Condrad - Kincaid, Oregon
Just watched your video and loved your story. I'm going to test out this method on the weekend with my son jaxx. Thanks for all the help!
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Debbie C. - Lashburn, Iowa
Will your method work on twins? I have two twin girls who are 23 months old and I'm hoping to have them out of diapers this month, just want to make sure it will work.
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Carol Cline -
Hey Debbie thanks for watching the video. My method actually works even better when you use it on twins or any two children at the same time. You will find your daughters really start motivating each other to succeed.
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Laurah Hamburg Jackson Hole, Illinois
Followed your method to a "T" and now I'm happy to say my son is diaper free both day AND night for over a week now. This site was a blessing to our family!
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Connie McDugless - Zurich, Rhode Island
I'm two days into your potty training method now and had to come back just to say that, it's just like what you said in the video, things started to "click" today. I'm pretty sure that tomorrow (day 3) my child will be fully potty trained! To anyone reading this, watch the video and follow her method!!!
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Carol Cline -
You rock Connie!! Remember that i'm always here for you if you need any help on the 3rd day!
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Marcie Litman - Chance, California
Writing you here to say that i'm on my 4th day and my child Alisha has gone nearly 24 hours now using the potty on her own and without telling me when she has to go. Who knew I would stumble across this site and have a fully potty trained child 3 days later! I have liked this page and told my friends to come watch your video
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