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Does it really take more potty training boys than girls?

Yes, but nobody seems to know why, says the author of Start Potty Training, Carol Cline. The difference may at least partly be because mothers tend to be the primary ones to teach potty training in a family. Boys without a male role model to emulate in the bathroom can take a little longer for the idea to “click”, while girls have the advantage of observing someone with the same equipment.

Another reason potty training boys tends to take a little longer than girls - even if Dad is involved - it may well be because for them to learn to pee in a potty is a two-step process. First learn to sit, and then they have to master standing (see below). If your son takes more time to train cleanliness than girls his age, it is alright. Be sure to watch for signs of potty training readiness from there.

Why should you start potty training boys to pee sitting down? Since feces and urine is often at the same time, it makes sense - at least initially - that your son sits for both, and then he learns that both belong to cleanliness. This will also prevent him from being distracted by the pleasure of the bowel movement, when you need to concentrate solely on mastering the basic procedure.

How to go about potty training boys to pee standing up?

When your boy has learned to go to the bathroom, you can switch to a standing position. Having easy access to a male role model is very important, so arrange his father, uncle, brother or friend of the family to make time to help with this. When accompanied by his male example, try having them both pee in the toilet right next to the each other.

If he seems reluctant, try floating a few pieces of O-shaped cereal or other small, flushable targets (some companies sell products for this purpose) in the bowl. You can expect to clean a few messes as your son discovers this purpose.

 FYI: When you buy a potty chair for your child, look for one without a guard for urine (or find one that is removable). While the guard can protect your bathroom from small amounts of stray pee, it is likely that your son is up against it and might scrape the “peepee”. The last thing you want him to connect with going to the bathroom!

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